Thursday, February 27, 2020

News Article Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 750 words

News Article - Essay Example He did not like to sacrifice the lives of his militants. President Bashar al-Assad can preserve and foster his power all well. He does not want to lose. In spite of the UN attempts to stop 13 months bloodshed in Syria, a cruel and a stubborn leader continues his policy. This point of view is often promoted in the media. In reality, a current position of Syria presents an international hazard and the most powerful countries of the world try to cease fire in that country. There are oppressed masses of people in Syria and the international community insists on tyrannical power. The President has already sacrificed 9,000 of Syrian lives (Coughlin, 2012). Assad is concerned about preservation of his power only, because he has been kept it for the past 40 years. Assad has obtained too much rivals, which are very strong and diplomatic relationships may be a great challenge for Assad. Syria is involved in the complex relationships with Iran and at this point it is appropriate for Assad to adopt a bold strategy of Alexander the Great, when he implemented the ideas of his rivals. Regime in Damascus is an intimidating factor for the international community. Therefore, Assad has global intentions and tries to implement his policy in order to extend the limits of his country. A global way of thinking was relevant to Alexander the Great too. Both of these leaders implemented their military plans as soon as possible. An establishment of the great empire has always been the main aim for Alexander as it is for Assad. There is no doubt, that Alexander the Great was a perfect leader, but he was much worried about the territory of his country and he did not care much about its inhabitants. People were like means, which he used to reach his goals. Unlike previous rulers from the Assad family, Bashar is unable to provide the country with the political stability. Mass protests are not scaring for the

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