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National Semiconductor s Hybrid Incentive Plan - 1168 Words

National Semiconductor’s Hybrid Incentive Plan Overview National Seminconductor saw an issue with the current incentive structure in the organization and they set out to redesign a new incentive structure. The new incentive would be aligned with the strategic business plan. They would organize a company-wide task force that would be inclusive of all levels of the business and all job grades creating a vast array of experience from all levels within the company to create a â€Å"fair† incentive plan. The task force subcommittees would have a specific area to research and would include benchmarking, communication, fit and integration, assessment of readiness for incentive plan, and incentive plan design. In the goal setting phase the task force†¦show more content†¦Why? I do not think that the stretch goals are motivating the average 80% of the employee population because they are very challenging goals to achieve with a 20% or less chance of success rate. Most goals that are this difficult to achieve would require the top level management involvement and might not actually be something that they would be able to affect in their current level within the organization. I think that stretch goals normally tend to be top management actions and although it might take many people to complete the task the solution almost always comes from the top and is aligned with the top management goals. I think this type of stretch goal would be very difficult for the employee to make a clear connection between performance and outcome. Question 3 Discuss the payout percentages implemented. Do you see these figures as motivational? Why? National Semiconductor would choose to base the pay on the business unit’s total payroll. The employees could expect to see 2-5% payout for reaching challenging goals and 4-10% could be expected for reaching stretch goals. Guidelines would be set to ensure that the payments would be financially self-funded and large enough to be motivating. I do think that this plan is motivational because it is rewarding the business unit as a whole and therefore should encourage team work and cross functional teams to be created to help accomplish more goals and therefore increase payouts for theShow MoreRelatedAutomobile3045 Words   |  13 Pagesof these issues about comfort, safety, range, speed, carrying capacity, time to charge   Honda Civic Hybrid which was launched in mid-2008 was discontinued in India a few months later. Initial price tag of the car was a steep Rs 22 lakh. However with the cost keeping buyers at bay the company was forced to offer heavy discounts on it. A Rs 8 lakh discount was offered on the Honda Civic Hybrid, resulting in the entire stock being sold. Experts believe that the common issues associated with electricRead MoreStreet Light16880 Words   |  68 Pages555 is wired as a medium current inverting line driver, switched by an encapsulated light detector (LDR). When ambient light dims, the circuits drive the white LEDs. When the ambient light level restores, circuit returns to its idle state and light(s) switched off by the circuit. Block Diagram: SOLAR ENERGY SOLAR ENERGY Solar energy, radiant light and heat from the sun, has been harnessed by humans since ancient times using a range of ever-evolving technologiesRead MoreBudget 2013-20144555 Words   |  19 Pages2012-13. In 2013-14, only China projected to grow faster than India. Between 2004 and 2008, and again in 2009-10 and 2010-11 the growth rate was over 8 per cent and crossed 9 per cent in four of those six years. 11th Plan period had average growth rate of 8 percent, highest during any Plan period, entirely under the UPA Government. High growth rate can again be achieved through cooperation. ‘Higher growth leading to inclusive and sustainable development’ to be the mool mantra. Government believes inRead MoreManagement Control System15789 Words   |  64 Pagesof its managers and employees. The goal of the system is to improve the collective decisions within an organization. 22-2 To be effective, management control systems should be (a) closely aligned to an organization s strategies and goals, (b) designed to fit the organization s structure and the decision-making responsibility of individual managers, and (c) able to motivate managers and employees to put in effort to attain selected goals desired by top management. 22-3 Motivation combines goalRead MoreEssay on The Research and Development Process4444 Words   |  18 Pagestechnologies; - Short-term research to improve processes and to develop new products according to industrial needs. Most reset projects will go through a trial mass production to ensure the feasibility of new industrial technologies and plans for strategic withdrawals upon project completion. The research results are disseminated to the industrial sector in a timely and appropriate fashion in accordance with the principles of justice, fairness, and openness. They also provideRead MoreMarketing Strategy of Samsung Mobile17504 Words   |  71 PagesEngine portal in South Korea, were established by ex-Samsung employees. A large number of South Korean firms, particularly those in the electronics industry, are dependent on Samsung for the supply of vital components or raw materials such as semiconductor chips or LCD panels. Consequently, Samsung is able to artificially moderate prices and has been criticised for handicapping other rivals, leading to bankruptcy of mid to small sized businesses as they cannot compete with Samsung. As a result, manyRead More Last SUNPOWER THAILAND GROUP 6 Essay8379 Words   |  34 PagesExpansion to Thailand Alexis OrsetLukas Radzevicius Johanna Wais Adrien Podda Lukas Radzevicius Johanna Wais Alex Orset   Professor: Dr. Stefan Lippert 2014 Summary: Abstract To define SunPpower’s strategic expansion plan to Thailand, we firstly looked at the external environment. We have analyzed different aspects of the country , starting from solar radiation coverage, population composition, political, legal environments and energy disposition among on-grid/ - off-gridRead MoreOverview of Hrm93778 Words   |  376 Pagescommunicate you. We start every chapter with learning objectives. The most important thing you will get out of this course are the basic skills required to succeed in today’s environment which are, you must be able to communicate, think creatively, plan effectively and deal with people. Copyright  © Virtual University of Pakistan 1 Human Resource Management (MGT501) INTRODUCTION TO HRM After studying this chapter, students should be able to understand the following: Describe HRM? ExplainRead MoreMarketing Management130471 Words   |  522 Pages Marketing management – an introduction Unit structure: 1. Introduction 2. Learning Objectives 3. Marketing Management 3.1. Evolution of marketing management 3.2. The Role of Marketing 3.3. Marketing concepts 3.4. The Marketing Mix (The 4 P s Of Marketing) 3.5. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Ethics in Marketing 4. Have you understood type questions 5. Summary 6. Exercises 7. References 1. INTRODUCTION: The apex body in United States of America for the Marketing functions, AmericanRead MoreMarketing Strategy of India Yamaha Motor Pvt Ltd.13989 Words   |  56 Pages(35B4) | 125 cc | 60-65 | 13 | Blue, Red-Black | 58,147 | FZ 16 (21 C1) | 153 cc | 50-55 | 12 | Black, Red, Orange, Silver | 74,933 | FZ 16 Limited Edition (21 C3) | 153 cc | 50-55 | 12 | Blue-White | 76,577 | FZ-S (21 C2) | 153 cc | 50-55 | 12 | Green,Yellow, Silver | 77,124 | FZ-S Limited Edition (21 C4) | 153 cc | 50-55 | 12 | Blue-White | 78,767 | FAZER (45 S1) | 153 cc | 50-55 | 12 | Black, Red, Orange | 82,601 | FAZER Limited Edition (45 S3) | 153 cc | 50-55 | 12 | Blue White | 85

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